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Exergy-based methods for refrigeration systemsThermal Design of Compression Refrigeration Machines

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Thermal Design of Compression Refrigeration Machines

The course is offered in English.

Topics of the course:

  • Introduction.
  • Machines working on inverse thermodynamic cycles: refrigeration machine, heat pump, co-generation machine.
  • Methods of “cold production”.
  • Working fluids for the refrigeration machines. Optimal choice of a working fluid.
  • One-stage refrigeration machine. Main and additional components.
  • Two-stage refrigeration machines. Modern and special kinds of two-stage refrigeration machines.
  • Three-stage refrigeration machines.
  • Cascade refrigeration machines.
  • Air refrigeration machines.
  • Thermotransformers: heat driving and heat using refrigeration machines.

For each topic the terminology, historical information, rational field of application as well as energy and exergy analyses, economic aspects, ways for improving or optimizing the machines, principles of control and automatic systems are discussed.

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